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Critical Care


Critical Care Specialist In New York City

A patient in need of critical care medicine can receive it here at the clinic of Dr. Ali El Atat. If you or someone you love needs this level of care and the situation is a non-emergency, then reach out to us today or have your current medical provider reach out. We’ll tell you more about the critical care medicine Dr. Ali El Atat provides for patients in New York City.


What does a critical care medicine doctor do?

This kind of professional offers critical care medicine, a level of care and a field of medicine that encompass the diagnosis and treatment of clinical problems representing the extreme of human disease. (Please note, though, that this is not the same as emergency care medicine.) A patient in need of critical care, also known as intensive care, requires care from a primary provider or a consultant, and a critical care medicine doctor can fill either of these roles.

Dr. Ali El Atat MD is competent in handling the conditions that are common with critically ill patients. Dr. Ali El Atat, MD can also perform the procedures provided in intensive care settings. Additionally, Dr. Ali El Atat, MD is also competent in areas like advance directives, estimating prognosis, end-of-life decisions, and counseling of patients and their families.

Most critical care medicine doctors work in the intensive care units of hospitals, but some can work in their own clinics. Some internal medicine doctors, like Dr. Ali El Atat, choose to become pulmonary medicine doctors and critical care medicine doctors too. Dr. Ali El Atat is a doctor in each of these fields of medicine.

What is pulmonary critical care medicine?

Pulmonary critical care medicine is critical care medicine for patients who are critically ill with lung disease. Conditions like asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, and lung cancer can be treated with pulmonary critical care medicine. Dr. Ali El Atat is a provider of pulmonary critical care medicine, so he can perform a procedure like a/an bronchoscopy, chest tube insertion, intubation, thoracentesis, or central line placement. If you or a loved one requires one of these procedures, contact us about it. The doctor can also provide ongoing care for patients with any of the aforementioned conditions and others.

What is the difference between emergency medicine and critical care?

It may be easy to confuse the two kinds of care, as the terms may seem somewhat similar, but the kinds of care are very different from one another. Emergency medicine is care that responds to a patient’s emergent health needs, like an instant, immediate need for life-saving care that a hospital must provide. If you or a loved one needs this kind of care, then you must dial 911 and go to the hospital.

Critical care, also known as intensive care, is ongoing care for a patient who already has a life-threatening condition and needs comprehensive attention and constant monitoring. This kind of care is usually provided in a hospital, but for some patients, it can be provided at a clinic like ours. Here at the office of Dr. Ali El Atat, we’re capable of providing critical care only (not emergency care), and only for some patients. Please reach out to us to learn more.

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